Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lesson 56: Braid Cross with Fountains

It has been a year and a half or so since I took this picture of Belle.  Her hair has grown out a bit so now it doesn't look so cute to do this style, but I'll give you the how-to anyway.  Begin by parting the hair across the middle from ear to ear and tying the back section temporarily.  Part the top straight back from the forehead, and braid the two front sections.
Now part the back down the middle to make pigtails.  Use thinner hairbands because you will be adding multiple bands and don't want it to get too bulky.  I used different colors just for demonstration, but it is better to use all the same color.
Cross the braids and add them into the pigtails.  Add another elastic on top.  You can then scoot the first elastic out and remove it or just leave it.
Undo the braided tails then rebraid including the rest of the hair in the piggy.
Fold the braids up and attach the ends with the top of the pigtails.  Add another hairband or tuck it into the hairband that is already there if you can.
Here's the magic trick that makes this style unique: Use a mini claw clip to stick the bottoms of the braids together.  Hide it in the back so it is not easy to see.  It's best to use clear or one the same color as the hair.
Last, spray the tails that are sticking out with water to shape them how you want, and let them air dry.

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