Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lesson 53: How to French Braid with Wet Hair

To see the first parts of my french braiding tutorial, click on the links:
Basic concept
Two French Braids with Dry Hair
Variations on a French Braid

French braiding with wet hair is a little more difficult than dry hair because the hair wants to stay going in the direction it has been combed.  When you gather up sections of hair to add in the braid, you want them to go sideways, but they want to stay going down, so it causes bumps.  You have to comb every section smooth--an unnecessary step with dry hair.  Also fingers get stuck on the hair so you need to use a comb to part each section.  You can divide the hair with your fingers when it is dry.

Here's a video (with most of Sweetheart's crazy background antics cut out!):

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