Friday, January 21, 2011

Product Review: scünci no-slip grip hairbands

Belle got some bright new hairbands in her stocking for Christmas.  We tried them out and decided they have their use, but are not for every style.  They are really rubbery, so they do as they say and don't slip.  They can really hold a style all day.  They are good for ponytails and braids, but not for half-ponies and topsy tails.  Belle complains about hurting more with these than the other ones.  They grab every loose hair around and roll them up in the band, so half ponies can be troublesome.  I wouldn't even try using a topsy tailer with these.  Ouch.  The packaging says "gentle to the hair."  I'm not so sure about that, really, but they aren't as bad as an office rubber band would be.

The colors are bright and beautiful, and they have a unique gel kind of look to them.  (They are fun to play with, too.)  Overall I like them.  They seem like they'll last longer than the other kind that lose their stretch over time or come apart at the seam under the weave.  They have yet to be proven for long last, though.

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